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Are you looking to get your spey rod set up with the correct lines, learn to cast, or just improve your cast? Set up a time to meet up with us here.


We do not guide, sell retail, work for any fly shops or manufacturers.  Our only interest is teaching Spey casting with the double handed or single handed fly rod.  We are on the pro programs for most of the rod and line manufacturers and have equipment for teaching Scandi, Skagit and Long Belly line spey casting techniques.  If you like the new Switch rods or are interested in salt water two hand overhead casting we have appropriate equipment for classes.  Fly presentations for swinging the classical Spey flys and Dee flys as well as the newer Intruders on Skagit lines for steelhead is our passion.  We also specialize in trout spey fishing with traditional soft hackle flys and fish them year round in local waters.

We are located in Connecticut, our home water is the Farmington River and we will travel to your location for a clinic.

This website is for those interested in everything Spey.  Casting styles, techniques, rods, lines, and flies.  If you are interested in a lesson please contact us here.


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If it wasn't for Jerry and Fred I would probably still be using the wrong line on my rod and still be working harder than needed. I am now so much more efficient and truly enjoy casting spey lines for Steelhead. On top of that the...

Todd Kuhrt