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Are you looking to get your spey rod set up with the correct lines, learn to cast, or just improve your cast? Set up a time to meet up with us here.


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Hats off to Jerry Jahn

What a wonderful, valuable and exciting time it was today with Jerry. He is truly a master caster but also a master instructor!

In addition he is a model human being who is a great pleasure to be with. I don't know where the time went....boy was I having a blast!
Learned lots and lots and more lots
Joe Cossette
After reading everything I could find on Spey Casting and watching videos on the Internet, I went to the river to try my new Spey Rod. That night I signed up for a class, which turns out to be the best decision I could have made. I spent an incredible day of learning with Jerry and Lisa. What a great team. I am able to make several of the casts and deliver accurately to my target. I look forward to continuing to learn and develop more advanced skills with Spey Casting North East and this fantastic team. Another great tool in my fly box.
Jim Dowd
Although I am an FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor, I am new to two handed casting.

Last weekend, Jerry took me under his wing to help make the transition from the familiar world of single handed casting to the "new frontier" of spey techniques. It was a pleasure to work with Jerry. His instruction was extremely perceptive, straightforward and effective. His wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm made our casting session great fun. Jerry skillfully integrated the essentials of single handed casting techniques so that the transition to two handed made effortless sense. I was amazed at how well he did that.

If you are thinking about making the transition to the two handed rod, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with these guys.
Bill Harper
Better late than never! Long over due thank you to two Pros. I need to improve and dial in myself and three rods prior to a BC steelhead trip. Knowledgable, kind, funny and generous gentlemen. You fellas are the Best!

I look forward to catching up with you both as soon as you are ready to wade this Spring. Thank you very much!

Kindest Regards, Bill Harper
Richard McCombie
To whom it may concern.

This weekend i was blessed spending time trying out 3 different switch rods from Thomas & Thomas.
Jerry and Fred were kind enough to spend 4 hours with me going through the paces, Fred had at least 6 reels and probably 20-30 different lines, if it had not been for their endless patience i probably would not have even thought about spending some $900 on a fly rod. By the end of the day we had chosen a winner and matched different skagit and skandi lines appropriate to the rod of choice.
I have placed an order with Scott at Bears Den and look forward to receiving the rod.

Yours Truly

Richard McCombie
Warren Stern
In 25 years of fly fishing I've never had more fun that today with Fred and Jerry. They are humorous, informative, encouraging, thorough, skilled, and unbelievably inexpensive. You can't go wrong.
Ketil "Oz" Osland
I attended the Spey Casting seminar at Orivs in Avon. Fred, Jerry and Mary were fantastic. I will be using this casting method in the future for large fish. It makes sense when you need distance and adverse conditons.
Awesome and Educational Day!!!!!!
I went thru the Spey Casting class today on the Farmington River with Jerry, and Fred. I learned a lot for basicaly my first time with a Switch, and Spey rod in my hands. THey were very patient with me and excellent instructors. You know it is really amazing how much you find out you have in common with someone you have never been with or talked with before. Thanks for the excellent day today and the memories that were stirred. I would recommend your class to anyone wanting to learn how to Spey Cast.
I learned from Jerry and Fred prior to a Bonaventure River first time Atlantic Salmon trip. Those two guys love sharing their vast knowledge with newbie's. They explain every thing in useable language and you can't wait for the next lesson when the current one is over.
Mark Philippe
Jerry and Fred are remarkable teachers. They instruct you in the best possible classroom, in the water, where you learn by doing. Never boring, they are fun and engaging. In one or two sessions, you will make rapid progress in two-handed casting, and have a big smile on your face while doing it!
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Hats off to Jerry Jahn

What a wonderful, valuable and exciting time it was today with Jerry. He is truly a master caster but also a master instructor!

In addition he is a model human being who is a gre...